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  • Do I need to pre-register for classes?
    Yes! You must sign up online or through the app. Do your best to arrive early - we suggest being on your mat 10 min before class starts. We have limited our capacity to 20. Please note that if you sign up and fail to come to class, and do not remove yourself from the class at least 90 minutes before class starts, you forfeit a class pass - this pass is non-refundable. You must arrive by the start of class time or else you will be considered a no show. Our goal is to make sign in easier and touchless to keep us all safe. We appreciate your understanding!
  • I have never done yoga before, can I still come to class?"
    Absolutely! Everyone feels slightly awkward coming into a new space and trying new things -- even students who ahve been practicing yoga for years. IWY prides ourselves on being able to teach every body, no matter what their level. It's our job to show you how yoga works. With that said, you should prepare to make modifications as suggested by your instructor, take rests when necessary, and go at your own pace. Yoga is a practice you develop over time; its not a competition to see who can execute the fanciest pose. If you honor your body and accept your limitations that day you will do just fine! If you are brand new to yoga, please let your instrcutor know so we can offer some additional information to help you in your practice. Also, dont hesistate to ask questions after class.
  • What if I'm not flexible?
    Yoga actually promotes flexibility. You don’t have to be flexible to start doing yoga. During the workday, much of our activity or, lack there of, shortens muscles. Think about how often you sit at a desk, in your car or on a couch at home. Yoga lengthens and expands muscles while helping you release toxins that build up in your body over time. Becoming more flexible is a great benefit of yoga, but the ultimate goal is to live powerfully in mind, body and spirit. This can happen regardless of whether or not you can touch your toes!
  • Why makes IWY different from other studios?
    We pride ourself on being more than just stretching. You’ll work every muscle and every emotion to change your body and your life. In addition, our studio is a modern, spacious place with extra accommodations. Also, our certified instructors are trained to teach our unique style of yoga and barre, so you’re bound to experience a highly physical and incredibly mindful workout. We have moved into a semi-private class business model which allows us to provide more attention to where you want to be in your practice.
  • Why is the studio heated and will ths make the class harder?
    All of our classes are practiced in a heated room. The warm temperature stretches muscles to help prevent injuries as you work out. Classes do feel more challenging because of the added heat, which is why we encourage you to pace yourself and determine the intensity that works best for you.
  • I'm pregnant - can I still take classes? What if I have heart condition?
    We highly recommend talking with your doctor. They know what's best for you and your situation. Be sure to always consult with your physician before you take any fitness classes while pregnant.
  • When can I expect to see progress in my yoga practice?
    Everyone responds differently to yoga, based on age, physical condition and genetics. So don’t measure “progress”. Embrace where you are in your yoga practice and let go of expectations. Yoga is a life-long pursuit, so enjoy the ride!
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership, please email us. We will be happy to help and may even have suggestions on how to get the most our of your IWY journey. We do require a 30-day notice for canceling your membership. See all Terms & Conditions for cancelling memberships.
  • Am I allowed to bring my cell phone in the studio?
    No. Cell phones are not allowed inthe studio to respect the silevce for fellow yogis. We ask that all cell phones stay on silent in the lobby. Please be advised that IWY is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items. However, we do have security cameras for your safety and security. If you need your phone with you for proessional or emergency reasons, please chat with your instructor before class starts.
  • I arrived a few minutes late - the door is locked. Why?
    For the safety and security of our students, we lock our yoga studio doors during class. Studens will only be allowed in the studio 15 minutes prior to class and for 15 minutes after class. Doors will be locked outside of those times. So please arrive on time.
  • Does the studio have showers?
    We do! Please bring your own towel and shower necessities if you need to use the shower.
  • Is there a minimum age to attend IWY?
    Students should be at least 16 years old. All minors (under 18) must have a parent waiver signed prior to practicing. The parent or gaurdian must create an account with us (not a membership) and add the minor to their account.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    Students should be over age 15 to attend classes with us. If you're interested in practicing with your younger children, consider private family lessons with one of our instructors.
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